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Brophy - Xavier
Class of 1980 Reunion

Forty Years (+1)? How can this possibly be? Alas, the years have flown by and it’s time again to reunite with our schoolmates. We’re making our reunion a fun and memorable event and we’d like to include as many of our 1980 classmates as possible, so please spread the word!


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Remember the year 1980???

  • Who shot JR?
  • Blondie ruled the music scene - while we were all listening to Jerry Riopelle!
  • Brophy Broncos Football Games?
  • Lunt Ave Marble Club?
  • Caddyshack and the Blues Brothers?
  • 1980 XCP and BCP High School Graduation!

Surely, that year brings back a lot of great memories! A milestone in our life we want to look back on with fondness and nostalgia in our hearts. Fast-Forward 40 years and it’s time to reconnect and celebrate our 40th Reunion!

You can make this a fun & memorable life event by-

  • Attending!
  • Spreading the Word!
  • Sending in your old high school photos!

Everything you need to know is on our convenient website! Please come and join us for wonderful weekend with old friends!